Isolated Soy Protein

90% protein content, with different grades applied for processed meat industry(Polony, Vienna, Frankfurter...), meat alternatives, plant-based food, nutritional food, cereal crsips & breakfast, energy bars, protein powder, sports drinks, beverage, bakery, dairy, sea food, frozen-food, animal nutrition, etc


Textured Soy Protein

Made from high quality NON-GMO soybean, produced through peel, degrease, extraction, expanding, high-temperature and high-press, widely used in the processing of fast-frozen foods, meat products, vegetarian foods and meat-imitate products.


Concentrated Soy Protein

Made from high quality Non-GMO soybean, used for emulsified sausage, ham, high-temperature sausage, vegetable food and frozen food etc.

About us

About Shansong

Established in 1995, Linyi Shansong owns the integrated supply chain of making soy protein products. We are the leading professional NON-GMO SOY PROTEIN producer in China. During these years, we have been focusing on any available actions for stable, safe and effective soy protein deliveries to the global customers.

For over two decades, Shansong has been a leading supplier of soy protein to various industries all over the world. With a comprehensive product portfolio and supported by a high professional soy protein R&D team. We are able to position ourselves among the biggest food ingredients manufacturing and distribution company.
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