High Quality Non-GMO Isolated Soy Protein in Nutrition and Beverage Formulation

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Most global consumers, 89%, feel that nutrition is an important factor when selecting food items, and 74% of consumers consider soy or soy-products to be healthy. The same study indicates that one-third of consumers say they seek out products specifically because they contain soy and soymilk is the most readily recognized soy product with 38% consumer awareness . A greater consumer interest in a healthful diet has prompted manufacturers to embrace soy’s popularity and develop new products, including nutrition food and beverage, that feature soy protein isolates.

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Isolated Soy Protein in Nutrition and Beverage Formulation

Soy protein isolate has received increased attention since the FDA approved the soy protein/heart health claim in October 1999. Many beverages containing soy isolates with vanilla, chocolate and juice flavors are gaining popularity with mainstream consumers, as well as health-food consumers. Soy based nutrition food and beverages increased more than 200% in 2002. There are several factors driving the success of soy beverages and other nutrition food, including: the soy protein health claim with health and nutritional benefits, more baby-boomers seeking longevity and good health, a rise in lactose-intolerant minorities, as well as technological improvements in processing and flavoring these products.

In general, solubility, viscosity, taste, flavor and fortification of soy beverage and other nutrition food are the major challenges facing food industries.


As soy protein isolates use increases, especially in beverages that serve as quick, high protein meals, the challenge has been to mimic the consistency of a milkshake or fresh blended smoothie. One solution is to enhance the viscosity contributed by soy protein isolate with combinations of other stabilizers, emulsifiers and proteins to make the soy more palatable. These applications require a highly dispersible and soluble soy protein isolate that offers very low viscosity. Soy based beverages require special stabilization and the homogenization also is critical in this process.

Numerous soy protein isolate from our company with a wide range of viscosity, solubility and dispersibility, flavor profiles as well as the prolonged shelf life can help provide the desired consistency, special stabilization and homogenization in finished beverages and other nutritional food.

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