High Quality Non-GMO Isolated soy Protein Gel type

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Gel type Isolated soy protein is produced from the finest Non-GMO soybean, produced and designed for application in sausage, ham and other low-temperature meat products, retort sausage products, ready-made meals, meat alternatives, minced ham sausage, tumbled products, fish food, can food, baking food, flour products, sugar, cake and quick-frozen food etc.

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Excellent gel strength, good emulsification to accelerate the forming of oil-water emulsion.

Prevent the oil droplets from massing, and stabilize the state of the emulsification.

Non-dusty, improve texture and slicing.

Increase the output capacity of products, and reduce the production cost.



Add and use directly: soy protein isolate can be directly added into sausage and ham meat products by chopping and mixing.

Make protein Gel for use: 1 part of soybean protein powder is added with 3-5 parts of water, chopped and mixed into thick and shiny protein gel in a chopping machine, chop and mix the processed soybean protein gel with raw meat according to a certain proportion, and other ingredients are added in turn.

Packing and Storage

Packaging: in CIQ-inspected Kraft bags lined with polyethylene bags.

Net weight: 20 kg/bag, 25 kg/bag, or up to the buyer's request.

Transportation and Storage: Keep away from rain or damp during transportation and storage, and not loaded or stored together with other smelly products, to be stored in a dry cool ventilated place at the temperature below 25℃ and relative humidity below 50%.

Shelf life: Best within 12 Months under appropriate storage condition from the production date.

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