High Quality Non-GMO Textured Soy Protein

Short Description:

Textured soy protein (TSP) is a meat substitute made from Non-GMO soybean, produced through peel, degrease, extraction, expanding, high-temperature & high-pres,. It is purely natural vegetable products without cholesterol or any other additives. The protein content is more than 50%, and it has good water absorption, oil preserving and fibrous structure. Tasting like meat, it is an ideal high protein ingredient for meat products.

Textured soy protein widely used in the processing of fast-frozen foods & meat products, also it as a main stuff directly into all kinds of vegetarian foods and meat-imitate products.

Our textured soy protein are available in different colors, sizes and shapes.

Product Detail

Product Customization

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Physical and chemical index

Protein (dry basis, N×6.25, %)


Moisture (% )




Ash (dry basis, %)


Crude fiber (dry basis, %)


Microbiological index

Total plate count




Yeast & Moulds






Product Features

Very good water and oil holding capacity

Instant rehydration ability

Good fibrous structure and toughness

Good taste of meat


Application Method

Put the textured soy protein into a pollution-free and odor-free container, and soak it in warm water according to a certain proportion. Generally, the ratio of tissue protein to water is 1: 3, and soak it for 60 ~ 90 minutes, and turn it over for 2 ~ 3 times during the period to achieve the best soaking effect. According to the process requirements, it can also be soaked in appropriate proportion of salt water, and then it can be added to the product according to a certain proportion when the product is soft and free of lumps after rehydration.
Suggested addition amount: 5% ~ 10%

Packing and Storage

Packaging: in CIQ-inspected Kraft bags lined with polyethylene bags.

Net weight: 10 kg/bag, or up to the buyer's request.

Transportation and Storage: Keep away from rain or damp during transportation and storage, and not loaded or stored together with other smelly products, to be stored in a dry cool ventilated place at the temperature below 25℃ and relative humidity below 50%.

Shelf life: Best within 12 months under appropriate storage condition from the production date.


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